I was so excited about biking over to the next town to get groceries this morning! I’d been itching to get out and ride for a few days, and I really want to be more deliberate about Doing the Right Thing and Being Excellent and so on. Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and so forth? That’s pretty much what happened.

Problem #1 was that I spent the early morning getting everybody else up and off to school. Making a good breakfast for all, packing a lunch for My Dear Wife, taking the dogs out and back in again, clean socks for The Youngest One, a coat for Number One Son…I had hoped to leave by 9:30, but when 9:00 found me in my jim-jams, just getting to check my e-mail, that hope quietly withered and died.

Problem #2 was The List. I wasn’t happy with it. (I still don’t have a finished menu for the week.) Was it complete? Too much? Not enough? Don’t know. Then my itinerary: The Co-op? (No.) Safeway? (Yes.) Dollar store? (Yes.) Auto Parts? (Yes!) That meant a route change, and a different setup, and more wasted time.

Problem #3 was that both our motor vehicles were running very badly, and I knew that I had to deal with that because we were going to a school event tonght. Should I try to fix them first, then go shopping? What if it takes too long? The weather’s not very good right now; I’d rather ride in this than fix cars…more indecision and wasted time.

Problem #4 was the weather. What’s it gonna be? What do I wear? I need to be cozy, but not smothered, and will it rain more, or clear up…? Arrgh.

I finally left home around 10:30, and got to Safeway about 11. Still racked with indecision and lacking a price book, I frittered about the store like a caffeinated hamster, finally realizing I wasn’t going to have time to go all the way to the next town and back and getting mad at myself for botching the job.

I wound up buying what seems like $60 worth of different forms of starch. Dinner tonight was pizza delivery, and I still have only a vague idea as to what’s on the menu for the rest of the week. Oh, and our food account is down to about three dollars, with a week to go in the month-assuming The Agency gets my recertification form by Friday.

Wish me luck, because I think I’m going to need some.


About poorlocavore

Welcome to one family's journey towards a smaller food-mile footprint on a small food budget. How do our choices affect the environment, and what influences our choices? Read on and find out what I'm learning.
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11 Responses to Disappointment

  1. captiv8ed says:

    Good thing you have that Yankee stubbornness…

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