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The Steel-(Cut Oats) Trap

I made a wonderful, hearty breakfast yesterday morning: steel-cut oats, cooked slowly overnight in a bain marie, served with milk and pancake syrup on the side. Ah, the joys of waking up to a warm, nourishing meal and sending everybody … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Meal Break-Down

No, not like that…I got through the holiday just fine. But sometime on Thursday afternoon I realized that I should Thanksgiving Meal Break-Down have been keeping track of what I was making, what went into it, and where those ingredients came … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts (Not All Mine) on the Season

Laurie David has some good insights into Thanksgiving and local foods, and it got me to thinking about our own holiday habits and how they reflect our own attitudes towards localism and place. To begin with, we switched over from … Continue reading

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D.I.Y. (Pt. 2)

That D.I.Y. idea percolated through my brain the other morning as I prepared The Saturday Pancakes. Realizing that we were out of instant mix, I saw an opportunity to “build from scratch” and compare time-and cost-effectiveness. We paid $7 for … Continue reading

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D.I.Y. (Pt. 1)

A big part of changing how we eat has involved changing how we buy food and make meals. Whether the task is simmering freshly-gleaned tomatoes for spaghetti sauce or baking chocolate-chip cookies from scratch, producing a product at home allows … Continue reading

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Pick the Winner!

We bought these bottles of soda (yes, that’s what I call it) at the local IGA a while back: I’ve been curious as to which traveled the furthest, and which the least, to arrive at the store. the Double Cola … Continue reading

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The Evil Rice Cooker of Doom

Not long ago, on the advice of a well-wisher, I purchased a rice cooker. Being of limited means, I felt lucky to find one in a local thrift store: complete, intact, and at a bargain price. It even had an … Continue reading

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