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Green Wash, Part 3

Now for the grand finale in our trio of hypocrisy, the winner of both the Ironic Ad Award and the Giant Head-Scratcher Trophy: The mind simply reels. A loss for words ensues. Then, into the vacant brain creeps a bumper-sticker … Continue reading

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Green Wash, Part 2

This was the ad that first caught my attention and got me thinking: “What are they trying to say here?” Some parsing of the copy is in order. ‘When does nature surprise you…’ well, since nature’s surprises are often in … Continue reading

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Green Wash, Part 1

Three different advertisements “crossed my desk” last week, all for different products, yet sharing an eerie similarity of purpose and theme. I’m sure it will become evident soon enough, so no spoilers-let’s introduce the first contestant, shall we? “Wow, it … Continue reading

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More Local Heroes (Sort of)

Sometimes it’s the mundane, everyday items that bring the biggest surprises. Take juice, for instance. In season, I’m all for fresh cider from The University’s organic farm or another local producer, but things get dicey this time of year. Any … Continue reading

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Food Waste, Week 2

I tallied up 12.4 lbs. of food waste from last week, up from the 10.1 lbs. of the week before. I think that much of the difference is due to pineapple and melon rinds from fruit we had bought for … Continue reading

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A Further Dairy Day Update

I’m all over the map this week, I know. There’s just so much going on! Remember Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory? That’s how I feel right now. Anyway, I remembered the other day that I had gotten updated … Continue reading

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Waste Not, Want Not

I mentioned in passing some time ago that I was going to start tracking our food waste by separating it from the trash stream, recording its weight, and putting it aside for compost. While I don’t yet have a proper … Continue reading

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