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Crash and burn

One of the side-effects of the recent spate of busy-ness has been a loss of control over the budget. Since I hadn’t really gotten an effective system in place, there wasn’t one to fall back on when things got hectic. … Continue reading

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Opening Day

Some opening days are marked ahead of time on the calendar, like for baseball or fishing season. Others are less specifically noted, but make themselves apparent nonetheless. When the air has a certain crispness to it, and breakfast goes off … Continue reading

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Driven to Distraction

 Between the hours out of my day for work and the cumulative effect of 8 months of sleep deprivation and little exercise, I’ve barely been functional lately. The little shortcuts like boxed potatoes or take-out pizza end up being the … Continue reading

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Look what I found!

Spring has finally arrived in The Great Northwest, at least for now. I’ve been busy trying to crawl out of the winter doldrums and also trying to re-balance my schedule and life so that I can do everything that I … Continue reading

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“We’re doing pretty well, for poor people”

In a recent post, I began addressing the question of affordability, noting the high rate of food insecurity in the United States and wondering where our family fit compared to the rest of the nation. We have not been food-insecure … Continue reading

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Still Waiting…

Well, Tuesday came and went with no replenishment of our grocery account, which then held $2.67. So did Wednesday. I called The Agency and was told, in a less-than-compassionate tone, that since my review form was received late, things would … Continue reading

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Failure Update

I’ve realized something over the past few weeks of trying to do too much with too little: the phrase “my plate is full” doesn’t account for the size of the plate, nor for its strength. A foot-wide stoneware platter can … Continue reading

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