Crash and burn

One of the side-effects of the recent spate of busy-ness has been a loss of control over the budget. Since I hadn’t really gotten an effective system in place, there wasn’t one to fall back on when things got hectic. As a result, I have two months’ worth of unsorted receipts; a collection of cash envelopes holding various amounts, stuck in a drawer somewhere; and $17 left in the grocery account to last until Friday. That $17 is misleading, though, since we’ve spent out-of-pocket on groceries. How much, you ask? Let me check. Hold on…

(…paws through May receipts envelope…looks through house for wallet…finds it, and digs out small stack mountain of white slips of paper…shuffles through them…AHA! Found it them.)

…over $60 already. So, $60-$17 is $43 and that’s how much we’re over for the month, and we need to go shopping again. It’s a good thing we have some cash set aside from our tax return; we didn’t have to spend it all on a medical emergency or replacing our car, as so many poor families need to do.

Then again, as My Dear Wife pointed out, this is the first month of our new, lower grocery allowance-lower by over $130. So if we were going by the old budget, we would still be under-close, but still within the margin. And, since she just got her last paycheck from The State University until September, we should be eligible for a higher benefit rate once I notify The Agency of the change, which I should probably do tomorrow.

Once again, we will muddle through, and things will settle down over the summer. To paraphrase a great philosopher, the sun will rise, the sun will set, and we will have lunch. Hopefully, lunch will include some nice fresh garden produce. I’ll keep you posted.


About poorlocavore

Welcome to one family's journey towards a smaller food-mile footprint on a small food budget. How do our choices affect the environment, and what influences our choices? Read on and find out what I'm learning.
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