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So Far, No Good

Well, the hubub around the non-purchase of a vehicle has settled down and we’re back to where we were. So, where were we? Right, the garden. About that… If booming seed sales (up over 20 percent and more) and the number … Continue reading

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… But not quite yet.

So, having determined once and for all that the Chevrolet Suburban is the One True Vehicle for us, there remained the simple task of acquiring one. Right. Just like that. How hard could it be? History shows that when that … Continue reading

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…For We Are Up-sizing…

Last time we were left with the question of what a low-income family is to do about owning two aging and unsuitable vehicles, especially when the family wants  to live in a more sustainable way. The  first response is likely … Continue reading

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Forgive Me, Father…

I am aware of our relatively privileged situation of having not one, but two cars. Unfortunately, neither of them is quite suitable for us. I have made references throughout this project to our troubles with reliable transportation, an issue we … Continue reading

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