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And Another Thing…

(I can’t believe what’s just happened…no, scratch that; I can believe it, but it’s embarrassing as heck. I was flipping through one of my notebooks just now and I found a few paragraphs which should have been included in the … Continue reading

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7 Foods You Should Never Eat (If You Can Afford It)

7 Foods You Should Never Eat, brought to you by the concerned people at Fox News. Subtext hunters like myself will readily gather from this article the knowledge that poor people often eat worse food than wealthier folks. But we … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving,Part 4: [/end rant]

Meanwhile, the feeding frenzy continues, with roughly half the nation participating. Some bring weapons. Is it a sign of moral decline, or just hard times? Remember all those manufacturing jobs that went overseas because the American firms couldn’t compete on price, because the big retailers (looking … Continue reading

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