7 Foods You Should Never Eat (If You Can Afford It)

7 Foods You Should Never Eat, brought to you by the concerned people at Fox News. Subtext hunters like myself will readily gather from this article the knowledge that poor people often eat worse food than wealthier folks. But we already knew that, didn’t we? That’s why we’re here, looking for solutions to the problem, from the personal to the systemic levels. I didn’t realize it was as easy as this-just spend more money, that’s all. I was fine until the end, when the former agribusiness executive says,

“I would rather see the trade-off being that I don’t buy that expensive electronic gadget,” he says. “Just a few of these decisions will accommodate an organic diet for a family.”

Right, because that’s just what I was thinking: shiny toy that goes ‘beep’ or healthier food for my family? How many other of these decisions are there? Considering how we nearly max out our modest food budget every month, that’s not actually a dilemma I face. Try “I’ll get chicken instead of ground beef ’cause it’s half the price per pound.” And not the happy free-range co-op chicken either, because that’s actually more expensive than steak. No, we’ll never get to know that bird’s name, if he or she ever had one. This was just another beak in the crowd, on sale at Safeway.


About poorlocavore

Welcome to one family's journey towards a smaller food-mile footprint on a small food budget. How do our choices affect the environment, and what influences our choices? Read on and find out what I'm learning.
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