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The Shampoo Scam

I didn’t realize that not doing something could be such a big deal until I mentioned in passing to my wife once while shopping that I didn’t need shampoo, as I’d stopped using it. From her reaction, you might think … Continue reading

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Shave and a Haircut…Part 2

In our last episode, the hero’s trusty one-dollar vintage electric hair clipper had just bit the big one right at the onset of a DIY haircut, leaving behind some unfinished business- a mop of locks about to spin out of … Continue reading

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Shave and a Haircut…Part 1

I’m switching gears a bit from the past few posts due to current circumstances. How do I put this gently? I’m not sure I can. Okay, out with it then… I cut my own hair. I have for years now. … Continue reading

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Ethical Style: D.I.Y Clothing Mods

The Research Department (a.k.a. my brilliant and lovely wife) shipped me this article thru the ether the other day:¬†Ethical Style: Don’t Donate Clothes, Repurpose Them – Lifestyle – GOOD. Now, I haven’t delved too deeply into the whole thrift shop-clothing-rags-overseas … Continue reading

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Frugal Fashion for the Fellows

Living decently at a low income level takes a certain attitude and skill set, both of which can take years to develop. Sadly, many folks nowadays don’t have that kind of time. Downsizing, foreclosure, and bankruptcy have upended millions of … Continue reading

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Upon Further Review…

My unfortunate afternoon at the Career Fair gave me cause to re-evaluate parts of my life. I had also recently gone through a flirtation with an engineering firm here in town; a brief whirlwind of phone calls, intense conversation, and … Continue reading

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