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Tech-Thrifting, Part 2

Having stated the case last week regarding the challenges of thrifty tech-shopping, I sat back and looked at the whole picture again. I realized I had neglected one important element of the equation. Thrift shopping is still shopping; “mindful” consumption … Continue reading

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Thrift Shopping…and Technology?

I’ve made much recently of the economic, environmental, and social benefits of thrift shopping, and I still firmly believe in all of them. However, as with any human endeavor, there is a downside: hidden costs, unintended consequences, and immutable constraints … Continue reading

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Spring Fever

I’ve been rather busy lately, and I’m sorry to say I’ve hardly jotted down a word of it. Once the weather here finally turned for spring, I jumped outdoors with both feet (really, the easiest way to do it). Taking … Continue reading

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