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Time for A Few Adjustments

Reining in our automobile usage while living in the suburbs is starting to feel like trying to stay sober at a whiskey tasting: even if it’s possible, it seems counterproductive; contrary to the spirit of the endeavor. Still, we need … Continue reading

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Wanted: Community

In the post-supper quiet of a Sunday evening, as I was dozing reading at the dining table, our ever-alert team of Home Defense Dachshunds gave notice that there was SOMEONE AT THE DOOR!!! After clearing our crack security team into … Continue reading

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I Had Forgotten…

…That I was sharing my essays for the newspaper with you all. Here is the one I wrote in December. As the daylight fades, the winds pick up, and we prepare to settle in for another long Northwest winter, readers … Continue reading

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In the Local Newspaper

 I recently received the honor of being one of several guest columnists from the community for our local newspaper. Our only restrictions are the deadline, word count, and politeness, though we are encouraged to focus on local issues. Since access … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Outings, Part Three: False Start

After I saw the young bull moose calmly stroll past me that afternoon on Kamiak Butte, I figured the day could get no better and I should head back to the world. I lingered a few minutes, vainly trying to … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Outings, Part One: A Solo Mission

On this anniversary of the birth of the great Charles Dickens, it seems only appropriate that I have a story of two opposite outings which I undertook on consecutive days. First, I must apologize for the undue delay in posting. … Continue reading

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I’m Not Alone Here

Jackie Wheeler agrees that Locavorism seems harder in the (desert) West, as she writes in High Country News. Phoenix must be a far tougher growing area than where I am in the Inland Northwest, and I’ve had my fair share of … Continue reading

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