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Come To the Dark Side…We Have Pizza!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to stand up and face certain unpleasant realities. A time when ideals clash with experience, and tough decisions about the future must be confronted. For some people, this might mean … Continue reading

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The Verdict Is In

I’m such a tease! My official excuse, and of course I have one, is that I would rather actually publish a series of short posts than not publish a nice, long one. That, and I have forgotten how to do … Continue reading

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Test Case, Part 2

We happened to have a spare tablet around the house, a Lenovo K1 left over from a hasty spring shopping trip. (Let us pause for a moment to reflect on a world where a low-income family can have a “spare” … Continue reading

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It Takes Two to Tango…Or Form a Line

While I am not about to let our nation’s retailers entirely off the hook for the commercialized shambles that has replaced the Christmas season, I am not about to pile all the blame at their doorsteps either. There is another … Continue reading

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You Win, You Bastards…

…for now. I feel like the “C” in my middle name should stand for Cassandra. My dismay at being ignored may at some point be outweighed by the grim pleasure of being able to say, “I told you so!” Yet … Continue reading

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Scared Straight

I suppose things have been building up to this point for a while, and it is time to face the music. We are stuff-a-holics, and need to go into recovery. It sneaks up on you, this condition; it can start … Continue reading

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Summertime, and the living’s dicey

I thought it time for an update on our food budget/shopping situation, especially after some of the changes that have happened with our income and such. It all began in the spring, after I started working again. I can remember … Continue reading

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