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Car-Dependency, Part 2

As I walked uptown towards work, I considered my situation and quickly realized that things could have been far worse. All I had to do was call The AAAuto Club after my shift for a tow, catch a ride back with … Continue reading

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The Verdict Is In

I’m such a tease! My official excuse, and of course I have one, is that I would rather actually publish a series of short posts than not publish a nice, long one. That, and I have forgotten how to do … Continue reading

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Spring Fever

I’ve been rather busy lately, and I’m sorry to say I’ve hardly jotted down a word of it. Once the weather here finally turned for spring, I jumped outdoors with both feet (really, the easiest way to do it). Taking … Continue reading

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The Second Outing (of Doom)

(I promised two outings, and two outings I shall deliver. The first, my solo hike last Monday, wound up spilling over into four installments. I don’t expect the second one to take that much space , but we’ll have to … Continue reading

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Missed it by…that much!

Almost…so close…just missed…not quite. Only, I’m not sure if what I missed was an opportunity or a catastrophe. Perhaps only time will tell. I suppose I was being being a bit silly in thinking it could work in the first … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Thoughts, Part 2

So, where was I? Ranting about the holidays again? Right. There is this other thing that starts right about the same time as Thanksgiving. Lately, it’s been infiltrating the holiday more and more, as the run-up to Christmas takes on ever greater urgency. … Continue reading

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Failure Update

I’ve realized something over the past few weeks of trying to do too much with too little: the phrase “my plate is full” doesn’t account for the size of the plate, nor for its strength. A foot-wide stoneware platter can … Continue reading

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