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7 Foods You Should Never Eat (If You Can Afford It)

7 Foods You Should Never Eat, brought to you by the concerned people at Fox News. Subtext hunters like myself will readily gather from this article the knowledge that poor people often eat worse food than wealthier folks. But we … Continue reading

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Something’s (Not) Happening Here

This time last year, we were awash in both apples from our backyard tree and plums from the trees along the lane behind the house. This year? Not so much. I’ve noticed a squirrel or two with an apple here … Continue reading

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More Local Heroes (Sort of)

Sometimes it’s the mundane, everyday items that bring the biggest surprises. Take juice, for instance. In season, I’m all for fresh cider from The University’s organic farm or another local producer, but things get dicey this time of year. Any … Continue reading

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Breakfast Update Update

I made a modified batch of SCOs (steel-cut oats) for this morning, adding powdered milk, diced apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar. IT WAS GOOD, although I need to work on the execution a bit. Cinnamon doesn’t mix well into liquid, … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts (Not All Mine) on the Season

Laurie David has some good insights into Thanksgiving and local foods, and it got me to thinking about our own holiday habits and how they reflect our own attitudes towards localism and place. To begin with, we switched over from … Continue reading

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How Do You Like Them Apples?

I need to write about apples. Not that there is anything new under the sun to say about them, but they figure strongly in our recent food life, and they may help point the way for other poor families trying … Continue reading

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How Local Can I Get? Let Me See…

Sometimes “local” means what’s in the house right now, or what I can scrounge glean from my neighborhood. Today was such a day. Before going to pick up the car from the repair shop, I rode my bike to a … Continue reading

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