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Come To the Dark Side…We Have Pizza!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to stand up and face certain unpleasant realities. A time when ideals clash with experience, and tough decisions about the future must be confronted. For some people, this might mean … Continue reading

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Chromebook Midterm: Incomplete

I can’t work like this, which is why I haven’t. Yes, I’ve been remiss in updating this blog for some time now, and for that I apologize. I have an excuse, though: I hate my computer!  Well, “hate” may be a … Continue reading

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Test Case, Part 2

We happened to have a spare tablet around the house, a Lenovo K1 left over from a hasty spring shopping trip. (Let us pause for a moment to reflect on a world where a low-income family can have a “spare” … Continue reading

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It Takes Two to Tango…Or Form a Line

While I am not about to let our nation’s retailers entirely off the hook for the commercialized shambles that has replaced the Christmas season, I am not about to pile all the blame at their doorsteps either. There is another … Continue reading

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Thrift-tech: The DIY Version

Meanwhile, as I fume and rant about our shallow, materialistic society, I have to both address my family’s need for suitable technology and confront my own desire for shiny things. The latter is arguably more mutable, whereas there is only so … Continue reading

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On the Fence

Since we got our federal income tax return in February, we have been busy using the money to patch some holes in our lives. We paid down some credit cards, paid off some old debts, and brought ourselves into the … Continue reading

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Frugal Fashion for the Fellows

Living decently at a low income level takes a certain attitude and skill set, both of which can take years to develop. Sadly, many folks nowadays don’t have that kind of time. Downsizing, foreclosure, and bankruptcy have upended millions of … Continue reading

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