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The Shampoo Scam

I didn’t realize that not doing something could be such a big deal until I mentioned in passing to my wife once while shopping that I didn’t need shampoo, as I’d stopped using it. From her reaction, you might think … Continue reading

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I’m Not Alone Here

Jackie Wheeler agrees that Locavorism seems harder in the (desert) West, as she writes in High Country News. Phoenix must be a far tougher growing area than where I am in the Inland Northwest, and I’ve had my fair share of … Continue reading

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Fall Focus (or, It’s Fall: Time to Focus!)

After consultation with my (new)* adviser, I’ve decided to narrow my focus a bit from what I had been thinking of before. I was having a hard time trying to separate one idea (the community garden) from another (local-food resources … Continue reading

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So Far, No Good

Well, the hubub around the non-purchase of a vehicle has settled down and we’re back to where we were. So, where were we? Right, the garden. About that… If booming seed sales (up over 20 percent and more) and the number … Continue reading

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