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Test Case, Part 1

 After -what has it been now, two weeks? Close to three?- of trying to use a Lenovo K1 tablet like a laptop computer and a ten-year-old Dell Latitude laptop as a “desk” or home machine, I am both encouraged and … Continue reading

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Thrift-tech: The DIY Version

Meanwhile, as I fume and rant about our shallow, materialistic society, I have to both address my family’s need for suitable technology and confront my own desire for shiny things. The latter is arguably more mutable, whereas there is only so … Continue reading

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Shave and a Haircut…Part 2

In our last episode, the hero’s trusty one-dollar vintage electric hair clipper had just bit the big one right at the onset of a DIY haircut, leaving behind some unfinished business- a mop of locks about to spin out of … Continue reading

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