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A Course Correction

A few weeks ago, I had the honor and privilege of addressing a college class here at Our State University. I selected aspects of this project related to the focus of the class, Social Problems, and got some good feedback … Continue reading

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More Local Heroes (Sort of)

Sometimes it’s the mundane, everyday items that bring the biggest surprises. Take juice, for instance. In season, I’m all for fresh cider from The University’s organic farm or another local producer, but things get dicey this time of year. Any … Continue reading

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Waste Not, Want Not

I mentioned in passing some time ago that I was going to start tracking our food waste by separating it from the trash stream, recording its weight, and putting it aside for compost. While I don’t yet have a proper … Continue reading

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Baby Steps

We’ve had a fair amount of success in finding affordable, locally-sourced products. As I’ve previously discussed, local is a subjective term and you may find my parameters absurd. I’m okay with that; I’m going by the “closer-is-better” method. For instance, … Continue reading

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He is the Eggman

DO you remember the big egg recall last year? You probably do, since it involved some 500 million eggs shipped nationwide, and helped pave the way for a landmark piece of legislation, the first major revamping of food-safety standards in … Continue reading

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December Food Cost-Revised

Here’s the new sheet for December. That took longer than it should have. First, I found a discrepancy in the ending balance on the sheet; it didn’t match what carried over on the account. I eventually managed to log in … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Turkey

In all the hubbub about breakfast, oats, and blogospheric elitism, I let The Great Thanksgiving Triumph escape my attention for a precious few days. As I previously mentioned, we got a frozen store bird at The Big Supermarket, losing valuable … Continue reading

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