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Come To the Dark Side…We Have Pizza!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to stand up and face certain unpleasant realities. A time when ideals clash with experience, and tough decisions about the future must be confronted. For some people, this might mean … Continue reading

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On Further Reflection…

It occurred to me last night as I was finishing my last post that a three-hour round trip for groceries is nothing new for many poor city dwellers. What’s worse, they have to ride subways and buses in order to … Continue reading

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Where do the Locals Go?

Our next stop for groceries was in Forsyth, which proved both an eerie parallel and a strong contrast to our Kalispell visit. Of course, both are in Montana, and occupy river valleys: Kalispell in the Flathead, and Forsyth in the … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s Montana…

Montana haunts my dreams. We have been pulled into its orbit like so much space debris around a planet, and I suspect we are as thoroughly trapped. As we drove on into that mythic space, the sun refusing to set … Continue reading

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In previous posts I have hinted at the idea of our family taking a long road trip this summer; that was one of the reasons why we wanted to replace our aged minivan with a slightly less aged Suburban. Now … Continue reading

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“We’re doing pretty well, for poor people”

In a recent post, I began addressing the question of affordability, noting the high rate of food insecurity in the United States and wondering where our family fit compared to the rest of the nation. We have not been food-insecure … Continue reading

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Under Budget Again

We made it by a fairly comfortable margin this month, not that I’m giving any credit to our Walmart trip for the achievement. On the contrary; as I mentioned at the time, it was actually more expensive to shop there … Continue reading

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