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We Made It…Now What?

Here we are now, in a stone-faced ranch house behind evergreen trees, in an oddly quiet neighborhood of Vancouver, Washington. The house itself seems ordinary enough…but there is something here…a feeling I do not recall having in other rentals.  I … Continue reading

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“Town Crier” Hits the Presses!

My newest essay is in the local paper this morning and, as promised, here is the text of it for all of you who can’t buy or don’t subscribe to the M-P-D-N. Don’t let the cold and snow dissuade you … Continue reading

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I Had Forgotten…

…That I was sharing my essays for the newspaper with you all. Here is the one I wrote in December. As the daylight fades, the winds pick up, and we prepare to settle in for another long Northwest winter, readers … Continue reading

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In the Local Newspaper

 I recently received the honor of being one of several guest columnists from the community for our local newspaper. Our only restrictions are the deadline, word count, and politeness, though we are encouraged to focus on local issues. Since access … Continue reading

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Frugal Fashion for the Fellows

Living decently at a low income level takes a certain attitude and skill set, both of which can take years to develop. Sadly, many folks nowadays don’t have that kind of time. Downsizing, foreclosure, and bankruptcy have upended millions of … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Outings, Part Four: Long Way ‘Round

Having found myself somewhere other than actually on the trail back to the parking lot, I had three choices: I could try to backtrack and pick up the trail where I had lost it in the first place; I could … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving,Part 4: [/end rant]

Meanwhile, the feeding frenzy continues, with roughly half the nation participating. Some bring weapons. Is it a sign of moral decline, or just hard times? Remember all those manufacturing jobs that went overseas because the American firms couldn’t compete on price, because the big retailers (looking … Continue reading

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