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9 Cents

That’s how much is left in the grocery account after shopping last week. I feel blindsided by my own self. I must have gotten sidetracked. Between my grad school application, worries about money, questions about my career path, and perhaps … Continue reading

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Breakfast Update

I’ve decided to implement an interim, two-pronged strategy regarding breakfast: 1) more food to begin with; 2) better snack options. For instance, this morning I made the anticipated bagels and cream cheese but also cooked up a pot of oatmeal … Continue reading

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The Steel-(Cut Oats) Trap

I made a wonderful, hearty breakfast yesterday morning: steel-cut oats, cooked slowly overnight in a bain marie, served with milk and pancake syrup on the side. Ah, the joys of waking up to a warm, nourishing meal and sending everybody … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Meal Break-Down

No, not like that…I got through the holiday just fine. But sometime on Thursday afternoon I realized that I should Thanksgiving Meal Break-Down have been keeping track of what I was making, what went into it, and where those ingredients came … Continue reading

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In All the Excitement…

…over the maps I had forgotten to post last week’s menu. So, without further ado, here it is:   Close inspection will reveal some interesting information. First of all, you can almost tell from here when we went grocery shopping-right … Continue reading

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Glad that the Week’s Over…

…although Halloween was great fun. It’s our family’s favorite holiday, and we had a really good time. All the candy and some of the pumpkins were outside the regular food budget, so if I can get some use out of … Continue reading

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I was so excited about biking over to the next town to get groceries this morning! I’d been itching to get out and ride for a few days, and I really want to be more deliberate about Doing the Right … Continue reading

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