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More on…Less is More

Yes, I’m still basking in the reflected glow of moonlight on northern lake waters; still inhaling the subversive aromas of hot bacon and fresh coffee among whispering evergreens; still tossing and turning all night on a thin, inflatable mattress, yet … Continue reading

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Where do the Locals Go?

Our next stop for groceries was in Forsyth, which proved both an eerie parallel and a strong contrast to our Kalispell visit. Of course, both are in Montana, and occupy river valleys: Kalispell in the Flathead, and Forsyth in the … Continue reading

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Across the Divide

As we left the motel in Bigfork (it’s one word) with 500 miles between us and our evening campsite, I thought with regret about the scale and pace of the trip, and the opportunities we would inevitably miss. There’s just … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s Montana…

Montana haunts my dreams. We have been pulled into its orbit like so much space debris around a planet, and I suspect we are as thoroughly trapped. As we drove on into that mythic space, the sun refusing to set … Continue reading

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