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Come To the Dark Side…We Have Pizza!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to stand up and face certain unpleasant realities. A time when ideals clash with experience, and tough decisions about the future must be confronted. For some people, this might mean … Continue reading

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It Takes Two to Tango…Or Form a Line

While I am not about to let our nation’s retailers entirely off the hook for the commercialized shambles that has replaced the Christmas season, I am not about to pile all the blame at their doorsteps either. There is another … Continue reading

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Scared Straight

I suppose things have been building up to this point for a while, and it is time to face the music. We are stuff-a-holics, and need to go into recovery. It sneaks up on you, this condition; it can start … Continue reading

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Ethical Style: D.I.Y Clothing Mods

The Research Department (a.k.a. my brilliant and lovely wife) shipped me this article thru the ether the other day: Ethical Style: Don’t Donate Clothes, Repurpose Them – Lifestyle – GOOD. Now, I haven’t delved too deeply into the whole thrift shop-clothing-rags-overseas … Continue reading

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Frugal Fashion for the Fellows

Living decently at a low income level takes a certain attitude and skill set, both of which can take years to develop. Sadly, many folks nowadays don’t have that kind of time. Downsizing, foreclosure, and bankruptcy have upended millions of … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving,Part 4: [/end rant]

Meanwhile, the feeding frenzy continues, with roughly half the nation participating. Some bring weapons. Is it a sign of moral decline, or just hard times? Remember all those manufacturing jobs that went overseas because the American firms couldn’t compete on price, because the big retailers (looking … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Thoughts, Part 3

(Author’s note: I am indebted to Thomas Princen, author of “The Logic of Sufficiency”, for crystallizing for me some of the ideas I explore in this post. Also to Robert Frost and Henry David Thoreau, who first got me thinking along these lines.)  … Continue reading

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