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Time for A Few Adjustments

Reining in our automobile usage while living in the suburbs is starting to feel like trying to stay sober at a whiskey tasting: even if it’s possible, it seems counterproductive; contrary to the spirit of the endeavor. Still, we need … Continue reading

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The M-Word, Part 3

We made it. That part was never truly in doubt; the question was not whether, but when. There were times while loading that truck that it felt like we were moving in slow-motion, our hands and feet weighted down, our … Continue reading

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I Had Forgotten…

…That I was sharing my essays for the newspaper with you all. Here is the one I wrote in December. As the daylight fades, the winds pick up, and we prepare to settle in for another long Northwest winter, readers … Continue reading

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The Verdict Is In

I’m such a tease! My official excuse, and of course I have one, is that I would rather actually publish a series of short posts than not publish a nice, long one. That, and I have forgotten how to do … Continue reading

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In the Local Newspaper

 I recently received the honor of being one of several guest columnists from the community for our local newspaper. Our only restrictions are the deadline, word count, and politeness, though we are encouraged to focus on local issues. Since access … Continue reading

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Spring Fever

I’ve been rather busy lately, and I’m sorry to say I’ve hardly jotted down a word of it. Once the weather here finally turned for spring, I jumped outdoors with both feet (really, the easiest way to do it). Taking … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Outings, Part One: A Solo Mission

On this anniversary of the birth of the great Charles Dickens, it seems only appropriate that I have a story of two opposite outings which I undertook on consecutive days. First, I must apologize for the undue delay in posting. … Continue reading

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