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Car-Dependency, Part 2

As I walked uptown towards work, I considered my situation and quickly realized that things could have been far worse. All I had to do was call The AAAuto Club after my shift for a tow, catch a ride back with … Continue reading

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Upon Further Review…

My unfortunate afternoon at the Career Fair gave me cause to re-evaluate parts of my life. I had also recently gone through a flirtation with an engineering firm here in town; a brief whirlwind of phone calls, intense conversation, and … Continue reading

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Missed it by…that much!

Almost…so close…just missed…not quite. Only, I’m not sure if what I missed was an opportunity or a catastrophe. Perhaps only time will tell. I suppose I was being being a bit silly in thinking it could work in the first … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Thoughts, Part 3

(Author’s note: I am indebted to Thomas Princen, author of “The Logic of Sufficiency”, for crystallizing for me some of the ideas I explore in this post. Also to Robert Frost and Henry David Thoreau, who first got me thinking along these lines.)  … Continue reading

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It’s Worse Than I Thought

I just received this link from The Research Department, and it seems I’ve under-stated the problem: Thanksgiving Day 2011 Store Opening Times for…All Major Retail Chains – Complete List of Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day November 24, 2011 in the U.S.. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Thoughts, Part 2

So, where was I? Ranting about the holidays again? Right. There is this other thing that starts right about the same time as Thanksgiving. Lately, it’s been infiltrating the holiday more and more, as the run-up to Christmas takes on ever greater urgency. … Continue reading

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Crash and burn

One of the side-effects of the recent spate of busy-ness has been a loss of control over the budget. Since I hadn’t really gotten an effective system in place, there wasn’t one to fall back on when things got hectic. … Continue reading

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